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'Field to Fork'

Welcome to the 'Field to Fork' program.  Following Year 3 hatching out chicks last year, we decided to set up Monks Orchard mini farm.  After a lot of research, we chose 6 hybrid chickens.  We visited Martins Wood Farm who explained what was involved in keeping chickens.  After setting up the fox proof run during the Easter holidays we collected our chickens. We have -

 Rhode Island Rock called  Louise  Black Tail called Delila

 Gold Line called Nyah                      Skyline called Lucy

 Speckled Maran called Helen           White Ranger called Danny

Just before the summer holiday, Helen became broody (wants to hatch eggs out).  As we don't have a cockerel, we decided to buy 4 fertile eggs from a local farm.  Helen took to the eggs well and sat on them for 21 days and managed to hatch out 4 chicks.  Unfortunately, as Helen was so young she disowned the chicks and we took the hard decision to raise the chicks by hand.  The chicks are pictured below at 3 weeks.


The chicks are now 5 weeks old and can be found in the run with the older chickens. Keep coming back to see more updates on the chickens and the chicks.

A wonderful product of keeping chickens is fresh eggs. If you would like 6 wonderful, fresh eggs for just £1.50,                        please see Mr Ricketts.

Future Projects

  1. We are just beginning to develop our composting bin.  We aim to compost all the waste from the chickens to produce some of the best compost around.
  2. In November, 10 fruit trees will be delivered.  These will need planting and will develop into an orchard.  Once we begin growing fruit, we hope to turn some of the produce into natural fruit juice.
  3. We are also hoping to develop the area around the chicken run into a larger enclosure to give the chickens more space to run around.